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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise and Olympia Corp?

Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise is intended for Windows Insiders who want to try new experimental and pre-release Enterprise Privacy and Security features*. To get the complete experience of these Enterprise features, Olympia Corp, a virtual corporation has been set up to reflect the IT infrastructure of real world business. Selected customers are invited to join Olympia Corp and try these features.

As an Olympia user, you will have an opportunity to:


* Enterprise features may have reduced, or different security, privacy, accessibility, availability, and reliability standards relative to commercially provided services and software. We may change or discontinue any of the Enterprise features at any time without notice.

Can I use Olympia in our production environment?

No, Olympia is an isolated environment, you cannot add an Olympia managed device to your production environment. Use Olympia in non-production environment to explore new features that are available with a full next generation stack. To explore and validate Windows features in your organizations current infrastructure with next version of Windows, use Windows Insider Program for Business.

How can I use Olympia to understand GDPR?

Microsoft has many tools and processes to help your company be GDPR-compliant. Olympia, as a live corporation, must also comply with these regulations and is actively piloting Microsoft's latest privacy solutions. As an Olympia user, you can evaluate our end-user privacy policies first-hand. Look for blog posts and webcasts demonstrating our experience as IT administrators using Microsoft's GDPR preparation tools.

How do I join the program?

At this time, the only way to request an account is through the survey included in Windows Insider Program September 2017 newsletter.

I got my Olympia Corporate credentials. Now what?

Once a machine is enrolled quests would be published to the machine. It may take few hours for quests to be seen in feedback hub. Meanwhile you can try new Features and Quests on our website.

How long will I have access to my Olympia corporate account?

You can use Olympia corportate account as long as program is active. However, we may deactivate your account whenever we determine you are not using it in the best interest of the program.

Will I be able to use Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint?

Yes, as long you are signed into your Olympia corporate account.

Can I send and receive emails?

In order to mimic real-world business environments, all enrolled members have an email address. Right now, it is possible to send and receive emails. However, we may revoke this privilege at any time.

How do I Unenroll?

To Unenroll, open Settings -> Accounts -> Access work or school. Click on the account you want to disconnect. Click Disconnect.

Note: On deleting the account, all policies published from Olympia Corp and subscriptions like Office 365 and Windows Enterprise provided by Olympia Corp will no longer be valid. However, your data and personal files will still be accessible.

Warning:If you have joined your machine to Olympia Corp from OOBE (out-of-box experience), before you proceed to uneroll, make sure you have a local user that you can log in to the machine. Removing the account will render the machine useless in the case where there is no local user.

Will I keep Windows 10 Enterprise after unenrolling?

Windows 10 Enterprise is licensed only to devices that are joined with Olympia's Azure Active Directory (AAD). When your device is no longer part of our AAD, then your Windows 10 Enterprise license will expire. This may also happen if your Olympia corporate account was revoked for any reason.

How do I submit feedback or a question about the program?

You can provide feedback or post your question through Windows Insider Feedback Hub.
When you provide feedback, select Category: Customer Programs and Subcategory: Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise (Olympia).
You can also reach us via email at