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Getting started

Use the steps below to complete your enrollment once you've received your Olympia account credentials.

1. Prerequisites

2. Enroll your Windows 10 PC

As part of Windows Insider Lab for Enterprise, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise from Windows 10 Pro. This upgrade is optional. Since certain features such as Windows Defender Application Guard are only available on Windows 10 Enterprise, we recommend you to upgrade.

Choose one of the following two enrollment options:

2.1. Keep your current Windows 10 edition

Please see Olympia Corp enrollment - keep current edition.

2.2. Upgrade your Windows 10 edition from Pro to Enterprise

Please see Olympia Corp enrollment - upgrade to enterprise edition.

* Please note that your Windows 10 Enterprise license will not be renewed if your PC is not connected to Olympia.

3. Register for Windows Insider Program for Business

The Windows Insider Program for Business was designed to better support the IT Professionals and business users in our Insider community. Please register with your Olympia corporate account.


4. Office 365

You can now use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular Office apps when using your Olympia corporate account.


5. Engage

Start exploring exciting new Enterprise features and provide feedback through Windows Insider Feedback Hub. Please note that it may take several hours for certain quests to become visible. In the meantime, you can read more about Enterprise features and quests on the Features page.